Funky Kalakar BreLite Shoes Collection for Women

BreLite Collection

The BreLite collection is handcrafted to present an everyday comfort shoe, that is breathable and light.

The complete collection is made of tyre soles and hand-spun cotton.

These shoes and sandals are one of the lightest in the market, weighing only 250 grams.

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Barine - SOLD OUT

Barine SneakONS has a fun yet sophisticated vibe. It has a steady and friendly feel, suitable for e..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450


This light textured blue gives off a jumpy vibe, reminding you of sunny skies. The light tone is pla..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450


Blonde SneakON in its classy beige colour radiates the everyday warmth you need for your active lif..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450

Brunette - SOLD OUT

Brunette SneakON, in the classical black, provides a greater depth and a bolder character to your e..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450


The pretty grey Kalie ties up a sturdy classic look with some fun asymmetry.  It is the kind o..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450


A neutral shade of sand that is both warm and classy. Its handloom fabric gives it a very elegant a..

₹1,990 Ex Tax: ₹1,990


This pretty pink SneakONS as the name suggests has its colour inspired from the Pellote cactus flow..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450


The grey ankle strap calls out to working women that need a break from heels. The subtle shade blen..

₹1,990 Ex Tax: ₹1,990

Sehni - SOLD OUT

This classic pair is a wardrobe must-have, the striking black on the handspun fabric gives the shoe..

₹1,990 Ex Tax: ₹1,990