Funky Kalakar Handpainted Shoes Collection for Women

Handpainted Collection

This collection pays tribute to traditional artists. Empowering people is what Funky Kalakar stands for. It is, after all, an artist who creates art. In sync with environmental sentiments, the designs here take inspiration from nature and the balance that natural elements have.

Our Handpainted shoes are unique, vibrant and comfortable. They are sure to get noticed for the happy vibe they give out. Each shoe is handmade especially for its order, giving it a special connection that mass-produced prints lack. Like all our shoes, all our hand painted shoes are vegan, sustainable and ethically made. 

This is truly a unique collection of SneakONS and Slip-Ons to define your casual style.

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Handpainted Beige SneakONs

These pretty shoes are all about comfort. Like a pink sky at sunset, the imagery handpainted is a j..

₹3,990 Ex Tax: ₹3,990

Handpainted Black Slip-ons

The Lotus, is a child of Mother Earth that is pure, beautiful and majestic. It symbolises grace, fer..

₹3,490 Ex Tax: ₹3,490

Handpainted Black SneakONs

The shoe depicts the bright glow that can also be found in dark marine trenches. The fish moves on,..

₹3,990 Ex Tax: ₹3,990