Funky Kalakar Pancha Bhuta Shoes Collection for Women

Pancha Bhuta Collection

The Pancha Bhuta collection is designed to represent the five elements of that form our world; Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space.

This collection presents mules, ankle straps heels and derby shoes.

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Blanc Nuage

The motifs on this vibrant color for this pair keeps you perfectly light like the clouds, freshens y..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450

Blazed Orb

Passion is the fire that burns within your soul. Despite being a source of great energy, it require..

₹2,550 Ex Tax: ₹2,550

Botanical Burrow

The earth is where we sow our seeds in brown to hope for fruitful outcomes. Green is the colour of ..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Earth Bound

Feel nurtured and loved under the hues of Mother Earth. Experience growth and strength within with ..

₹2,950 Ex Tax: ₹2,950


The space is intensely mysterious, deep and provides you with the dynamics of your level of awarene..

₹2,450 Ex Tax: ₹2,450

Grey Matter

From the winds that brought the universe into being to the first breath of life, Air is most defini..

₹2,950 Ex Tax: ₹2,950


Blue waters signify the purity and calmness of the Water bodies. Let the coolness of Moana help you..

₹2,950 Ex Tax: ₹2,950


When in need, you can call on Earth energies for grounding, growth and protection. Embrace the grac..

₹2,950 Ex Tax: ₹2,950


Move ahead, leaving things that block your path and be the rising sun to illuminate the darkness of..

₹2,950 Ex Tax: ₹2,950

Tranquil Noa

When stressed out, just rinse those energies off and purify yourself with these waters cooling blue..

₹2,550 Ex Tax: ₹2,550


The earth sustains foliage and provides a stable environment from which all life springs, lives and..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Vuur Vuur

Beauty and fury of the Fire element is a great power for forging will and determination. Feel the p..

₹2,950 Ex Tax: ₹2,950