Funky Kalakar Pancha Bhuta Shoes Collection for Women

Pancha Bhuta Collection

Earth, air, fire, water, and space are the five elements which form ourworld, they reflect the secrets of a deep truth, which holds the secret to a happy life. Referred to as the Pancha Mahabhutas (Sanskrit), ancient Indian tradition holds that our powers are based on these five elements.

These five basic elements are a vital part of our life and wellbeing as our body, mind, and soul are collectively associated and affected by these. They each have a quality in the form of sense-objects so that the five senses interact and relate to. The quality associated with earth is the sense of smell, water is taste, fire is form, air is feeling and space is sound. A balance of the natural elements in one’s body results in a balanced life.

The Pancha Bhuta collection, which witnesses our foray into our new vegan shoe designs of mules (clogs), ankle strap heels and derby shoes for women, is a tribute to these elements, which are a constant source of inspiration.

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Blanc Nuage

The motifs on this vibrant color for this pair keeps you perfectly light like the clouds, freshens y..

₹2,990 Ex Tax: ₹2,990

Blazed Orb

Passion is the fire that burns within your soul. Despite being a source of great energy, it require..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Botanical Burrow

The earth is where we sow our seeds in brown to hope for fruitful outcomes. Green is the colour of ..

₹1,990 Ex Tax: ₹1,990

Earth Bound

Feel nurtured and loved under the hues of Mother Earth. Experience growth and strength within with ..

₹2,990 Ex Tax: ₹2,990


The space is intensely mysterious, deep and provides you with the dynamics of your level of awarene..

₹2,990 Ex Tax: ₹2,990

Grey Matter

From the winds that brought the universe into being to the first breath of life, Air is most defini..

₹3,290 Ex Tax: ₹3,290


Blue waters signify the purity and calmness of the Water bodies. Let the coolness of Moana help you..

₹3,290 Ex Tax: ₹3,290


When in need, you can call on Earth energies for grounding, growth and protection. Embrace the grac..

₹2,990 Ex Tax: ₹2,990


Move ahead, leaving things that block your path and be the rising sun to illuminate the darkness of..

₹3,290 Ex Tax: ₹3,290

Tranquil Noa

When stressed out, just rinse those energies off and purify yourself with these waters cooling blue..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490


The earth sustains foliage and provides a stable environment from which all life springs, lives and..

₹1,990 Ex Tax: ₹1,990

Vuur Vuur

Beauty and fury of the Fire element is a great power for forging will and determination. Feel the p..

₹3,290 Ex Tax: ₹3,290