Funky Kalakar Swarang Shoes Collection for Women

Swarang Collection

Swarang collection presents a vigorous contemporary style.

This collection uses a 4500-year old Ajrakh dyeing technique, a 14 step long dyeing process, that is completely natural.

It features playful aesthetics through block prints on natural hand-spun cotton fabric, that is light and comfortable to wear.

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Cherry Rune - SOLD OUT

Block prints of symbols of prosperity are imprinted on handspun ivory fabric framed with crimson d..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Coco Pod

Inspired by the coconut husk, these sand and brown loafers have an earthy feel. These shoes provid..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Ebony Comet

A classy look, for a classy lady. This is the kind of shoe that is subtle and blends into everyday ..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Fossil Trim - SOLD OUT

Block printed floral fossils remind us that good memories last forever. The calming grey picked up ..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Granola Boat - SOLD OUT

This one is designed with inspiration from all things healthy. The handspun sand cotton meets a li..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Jean Genie

Designed to give a magical boost to the everyday denim look, when coupled with denim, this shoe ad..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Mango Deluge

Inspired by the King of fruits – the Mango, it has a tropical party vibe that can get you noticed. ..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Pine Wave - SOLD OUT

The pine green and the colorful chevron waves are designed to give you a cool feel. They sport a q..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Sei Azure

The shoe adds depth to your wardrobe, it is designed to remind you of the depth to self that goes ..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250

Spotted Carmine

Little specks resemble the warmth of oil lamps. The royal ivory dots against a rich red backdrop, ..

₹2,250 Ex Tax: ₹2,250