Funky Kalakar Swarang Shoes Collection for Women

Swarang Collection

Swarang, our debut women shoe collection, has a peppy contemporary style. The collection gets its name because of the comfortable, bright and happy vibe it gives out and roughly translates to melodious colour. Just like any good old melody, it can take you to your happy place. Featuring natural hand spun cotton fabric which is light and comfortable and playful block prints handmade by highly skilled artists, these handmade loafers (slip ons) have absorbed the elements that are true to its name.

Apart from using discarded tyres of the soles, what's most special is that it uses a 4500-year old Ajrakh dyeing technique, a 14 step long dyeing process, which is completely natural and vegan and puts its own sweet modern spin on it. 

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Cherry Rune

Block prints of symbols of prosperity are imprinted on handspun ivory fabric framed with crimson d..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Coco Pod

Inspired by the coconut husk, these sand and brown loafers have an earthy feel. These shoes provid..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Ebony Comet

A classy look, for a classy lady. This is the kind of shoe that is subtle and blends into everyday ..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Fossil Trim

Block printed floral fossils remind us that good memories last forever. The calming grey picked up ..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Granola Boat

This one is designed with inspiration from all things healthy. The handspun sand cotton meets a li..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Jean Genie

Designed to give a magical boost to the everyday denim look, when coupled with denim, this shoe ad..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Mango Deluge

Inspired by the King of fruits – the Mango, it has a tropical party vibe that can get you noticed. ..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Pine Wave

The pine green and the colorful chevron waves are designed to give you a cool feel. They sport a q..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Sei Azure

The shoe adds depth to your wardrobe, it is designed to remind you of the depth to self that goes ..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490

Spotted Carmine

Little specks resemble the warmth of oil lamps. The royal ivory dots against a rich red backdrop, ..

₹2,490 Ex Tax: ₹2,490