Who we are?

Funky Kalakar is a PETA certified vegan, ethical and sustainable fashion brand serving a stylish yet responsible group of people. We care about our planet, people and processes and these values fuse together to make great global products. Since we have, but one planet to live on, we not only strive to create shoes and handbags that are sustainable but also minimize waste in our processes. We look to empower people associated with our brand and offer them ethical business opportunities and choices. We work with many associations not just on the production front, but also towards building a community of conscious ethical buyers. Our products, therefore, offer our customers a responsible choice, which is our ultimate purpose.



Euclidian Collection

Our premiere handbag collection – Euclidian has been inspired by the geometric principles that have contributed greatly to the progress of the modern world. Sharp lines and smooth curves come together to make bags that are a well-defined style statement. It is through small actions that great things are achieved. And our light weight yet spacious vegan handbags offer an ethical choice that would go a long way in sustainable living. Our Unparalleled bags have a sharp definitive look and are designed to offer maximum space for maximum utility. Made from recyclable faux leather, these superior vegan bags do not peel off easily. Besides, they can be recycled up to eight times, which is what makes these beautiful creations sustainable. The beauty these handbags provide go beyond, considering their impact on the happy faces that see them and the environment too.


Pancha Bhuta Collection

Earth, air, fire, water and space are the five elements and are the prime purpose of human existence, being the universal veracity. They are called as Pancha Mahabhutas (Sanskrit). These five basic elements are a vital part of our life and wellbeing as our body, mind and soul are collectively associated as well as affected by these elements. Balance in these natural elements in one’s body results into balance in one’s life. Respecting them and taking inspiration from these elements, we have created our new collection, the Pancha Bhuta Collection.


BreLite Collection

This vibrant collection is designed for everyday comfort and is named after what it truly is - breathable and light. Like all our shoes, this collection too finds its sole in recycled tires, which are rescued from heading to landfills. The rest of the shoe is made from handspun cotton, which is a light and breathable fabric. The BreLite collection features SneakONS and ankle-strapped flats, which will quickly become part of your everyday style statement. These shoes are one of the lightest in the market, weighing only 250 grams, making it the perfect all-day companion.


Swarang Collection

Swarang, our debut shoe collection, has a peppy contemporary style. The collection gets its name because of the comfortable, bright and happy vibe it gives out and roughly translates to melodious colour. Just like any good old melody, it can take you to your happy place. Featuring natural hand spun cotton fabric which is light and comfortable and playful block prints handmade by highly skilled artists, this creation has absorbed elements that are true to its name.  What's most special is that it uses a 4500-year old Ajrakh dyeing technique, a 14 step long dyeing process, which is completely natural and puts its own sweet modern spin on it.