Our Values

Funky Kalakar is founded on the pillars of sustainability, veganism, transparency, and empowerment. It is these values that drive our people, processes and products.


Sustainability - We have just one planet to live on, and we must, therefore, look after it. We at Funky Kalakar have adopted a sustainable approach to fashion. As a conscious business, we seek to benefit both people and the planet. Our Shoe Collections find their sole in up cycled tires. Our handbags too are completely vegan and recyclable.Our commitment here does not stop at our products, our packaging is plastic-free, using paper tape made from corn starch. Additionally, each package comes with are usable canvas tote made by a fair-trade self- help organization, to encourage our customers to refrain from plastic bags. We are always trying to find out how we can get better, helping both our planet and our customers.


Transparency - Being transparent allows us to offer all stakeholders a better understanding of what we do and truly see its value. We prefer dealing with fair trade organizations and are very open about all our dealings. In keeping with this principle, we not only share information on the materials and processes used but also a bread own of the product costs with our customers.


Veganism - Live and let live, is yet another principle we follow. We believe that all life is precious and hence we offer products that do not harm any living creatures. Fashion should not com eat the cost of any living being, it should instead reflect the times,technology and the beauty of the planet we live on. Strengthening our commitment to veganism, we are happy to announce that we are now a PETA certified organization.


Empowerment - It is not merely enough to know our responsibilities. One must also have the power to fulfil them. To us, empowerment is two-fold, directed towards the people that produce as well as our supporters who purchase. We collaborate with NGOs and self-help groups that echo our values. Our shoes, for instance, are handcrafted by under privileged cobblers in Mumbai, packaging bags come from a women's self-help group which is fair trade certified whereas block printing is done by rural skilled artisans. By offering our customers a responsible choice, we empower them to make responsible decisions.